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Construction Management

As well known, most of the construction projects have a lot of commonalities, such as the same construction phases and steps, even the same methods. People can easily get this management knowledge by searching online. But the truth is, even though there are probably two or more projects which are being built in the same district, same size, started at the same time, but as long as these projects are constructed by different subtrades, or managed by different managers, or owned by different owners, then they will be sure finished at different time, or at different qualities, or at different costs.


We specialize in single houses construction management, we have successfully managed a few single houses’ new constructions and renovations, our footprint is almost all over the metro Vancouver. Our advantage is that we are not only professional but also dedicated, we love our business. We never set our goal as to meet the building code, comply with government regulations, pass the government's inspections, we set our goal not only to be satisfied with our customers, but also to provide long-term popular works to the communities.




       我们专长于独立屋的建设管理,已经完成了许多的独立屋的新建和改建工程,我们的足迹几乎遍布整个大温地区。最近,我们在温哥华Southland的一个项目,是一个大型改扩建工程。旧屋建设年代久远,又地处洪泛区。政府的建筑法规非常严苛,我们遇到了前所未有的挑战。但我们克服了所有的困难,工程进展非常顺利,同时还积累了宝贵的经验。我们的优势就在于我们不仅专业而且敬业, 我们热爱我们的事业。我们从不把满足建筑的规范、符合政府的法规、通过政府的验收当作工作的目标,我们的目标也不仅是让客户满意,更是要向社会提供一个个经久不衰的作品。

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